Norfolk Academy

Norfolk Academy, Norfolk Virginia

Chesapeake Bay Fellowships: An Interdisciplinary Program to Advance Environmental Understanding, Community Awareness, and Civic Activism

With the help of an Edward E. Ford Educational Leadership Grant Educational and its matching gift component, Norfolk Academy will launch a significant, new initiative—the Chesapeake Bay Fellows program. This interdisciplinary program provides opportunities for students to advance their ecological understanding, aesthetic and community awareness, and civic activism.  Beginning with a cadre of 9th grade students, the Chesapeake Bay Fellows will pursue a new, experiential curriculum blending rigorous academic study with on-site, hands-on analysis; public advocacy; and civic leadership and engagement.  Summer internships and collaborative work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, will lead to a culminating senior project and presentation.  The program broadens the school’s traditional, core curriculum by engaging students in direct and meaningful ways outside the classroom; providing intern opportunities for inquiry, research, and learning; and charging students to be leaders and active stewards of their environment.

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