2012 Educational Leadership Grants

School Name

Grant Amount


Grant Purpose

Flintridge Preparatory School



To develop a new organizational model to develop initiatives in cosmopolitan and civic engagement, the Idealab, and to spark the entrepreneurial and collaborative creativity of students and teachers, while providing an administrative design for other schools, and to address specific needs of the region and the world. 

Metairie Park Country Day School



To develop the New Orleans Scholars Program, which focuses on study in the following areas: 1.) economic development, 2) the environment, 3) politics, and 4) New Orleans culture.

Riverdale Country School    $250,000     1:1 To create an opportunity for a team of educators from several different school settings to work on a common set of projects together, make their schools better places by applying design thinking, develop case studies of the design thinking process in action, and offer the possibility of replication for the broader educational community.
The Thacher School    $250,000       1:1       To improve the quality of senior year independent academic research projects, the capstone, and to improve the quality and efficacy of such programs in other schools that employ them, via a summer colloquium in which best practice will be shared and exploited using online resources and message boards for current and future program leaders.