The Thacher School

We believe that a well designed and carefully executed senior capstone project yields powerful and measurable benefits for students and their educational communities. However, the cost in time and resources of developing such programs can all too often prove an impediment to launching and improving them.

The Thacher School has been building and improving its capstone project, the Senior Exhibition Program. Knowing that other schools have also invested substantial resources in their own capstone project programs, Thacher proposed the creation of a collaborative arena that would allow schools to share their experiences and knowledge.

With the generous support of the Edward E. Ford Educational Leadership Grant, The Thacher School will be able to establish the Capstone Consortium, which will provide a forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about senior capstone projects. With representatives from independent, public, and charter schools, the Consortium seeks to establish a set of best practices for independent capstone projects. In addition, a series of Summer Summits on the Thacher campus in Ojai, California, will convene leaders of senior year academic capstone projects to collaborate and share ideas with the intention of fostering and mentoring schools interested in developing new capstone programs. Participants will gain insights and ideas to strengthen existing programs, and will return to their home schools with a library of resources and examples of student work.