St. Johnsbury Academy

Youth Job Corps. St. Johnsbury, Vermont

 Since St. Johnsbury Academy’s founding in 1842, the school has stressed that aspiration, resilience, and responsibility are key ingredients to a successful and fulfilling life. The school has provided an independent and world-class education to local youth for 170 years with outstanding results. By encouraging students to dream big and set high goals, persevere through hardships and challenges, and act ethically, respectfully, and responsibly toward themselves and others, the Academy graduates hundreds of citizen-scholars each year who are ready to succeed in their post-secondary lives. The Youth Job Corps will help students at lower grades achieve that success, and increase their achievement at the Academy or other area secondary schools, as through the program values are instilled and learning support begins before the students enter Grade 9. The Youth Job Corps will provide every 8th grade graduate who is accepted for this opportunity to learn hands-on skills, increase mathematical acumen, heighten communication and literacy skills, and learn how to lead and be part of a dynamic team—all while serving their community.