Cate School

Cate School Inquiry Collaborative

The Cate Inquiry Collaborative will serve as the vehicle through which Cate fully integrates our Culture of Inquiry experience and methodology into all grade levels – allowing each student to demonstrate mastery and become the architect of his or her own learning. By strategically overstaffing, the Collaborative will utilize Cate teachers who have become experts in the pedagogy's use and application. These Inquiry Fellows (three to five), whom we will rotate, will be released from a portion of their traditional academic and residential duties in order to facilitate the integration. Projected to be in full and active use for three years, the Collaborative will function as the School's pedagogical think-tank and align perfectly with the subsequent implementation of a new school schedule currently under construction and designed to more fully support this evolving curriculum.

The Fellows will facilitate further collaboration through the Cate Inquiry Institute. In the true spirit of inquiry, this annual, ongoing opportunity will invite teachers from outside our community to join forces with Cate faculty and our professional partners. An addition to our Cate Summer Institutes – a full residential experience for teachers and students in the practices and purpose of inquiry – this effort will allow us to teach teachers as well. The development of highly trained, deeply committed teachers expands the focus of inquiry methodology and better prepares students to embrace its role in their learning. Our partnership with E.E. Ford in this endeavor is a perfect example of the collaboration upon which inquiry is built – and which helps us to guide our students in using the power of their own unique voice in service to our world.