Punahou School

Honolulu, HI

Punahou School plans to deepen its global area studies offerings with the creation of a Student Global Leadership Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to develop a community of international youth leaders to promote student understanding of shared global challenges, and to encourage positive action toward social change. The Institute will explore leadership development characterized by creativity, a capacity for problem-solving, compassion, communication and team-building skills.

Launching in 2010, the centerpiece of the program will be an intensive two-week summer program that engages a multinational cadre of rising high school seniors. Key components of the Institute will be a team-developed community service component, supported by a year-round virtual community network. Thirty students from 8-10 schools in the United States and China will pilot an experiential curriculum, expanding in subsequent years to include global participants from Japan, Central and/or South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Visit www.punahou.edu/ for more information.