Windward School

Los Angeles, CA

Windward School has researched the most promising innovations in college-level science and is adapting these instructional approaches to the college preparatory level.  In addition, the school and its university partners are developing an outreach program to assist other private and public schools to incorporate these best practices into their curricula.  These innovations integrate technology and use classroom design to more fully engage students in the learning process.

Windward will build on existing relationships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North Carolina State, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to expand its Studio Physics First program and apply the active learning model from that program to chemistry and biology.  The outreach program will foster collaboration among educators at the secondary and university levels by providing opportunities to share resources and best practices.  Activities planned include the Science Active Learning Consortium, an interactive Web site and online community, the Summer Active Learning Institute in 2010, and a series of university-style symposia. 

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