June 2013 Grants

School Name

Grant Amount


Grant Purpose

The Archer School for Girls



For the purpose of designing a comprehensive Engineering, Design and Computer Science program and Lab/workspace that is based on the research of how best to engage and motivate girls in STEM subjects.

The Boy's Latin School of Maryland



To support professional development within the faculty, grades 9-12, for pedagogical training, project based learning, leadership skill development and relational teaching.

The Ellis School



To support the Active Classroom for Girls, whose goal is to establish a highly collaborative, hands-on, technology-rich, interactive learning environment for science and engineering courses and to study the impact this learning environment has on girls.

Falmouth Academy $50,000  1:1 To support the Falmouth Academy Science, Engineering and Technology Scholars Program, which proposes a collaboration with the Woods Hole scientific community by engaging mentors and establishing internships for Academy students as well as a summer-immersion course for area high school students.
Garrison Forest School $50,000 1:1  To secure funding for a Public Health initiative within the school's newly-evolved WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Academy.

Independent Schools
Association of the Central States

$50,000    1:1  To support the development of ISACS Leadership Academy; The Business of Running Schools in partnership with The Kellogg Center for Non-Profit management at Northwestern University.
Kent Place School $50,000    1:1  To support The Ethical Leadership in Action Program whose objective is to engage faculty and students in learning the framework for ethical thinking and decision-making by means of integrated leadership training and mentoring by experts in their respective fields.
Lauralton Hall $50,000    1:3  To continue the restoration of the school's historic barn into contemporary space for students to explore the arts.
The Lovett School $50,000 1:2  To educate Lovett constituents and the greater Atlanta community on new findings about learning and the brain and understanding learning disabilities through the multiple variations in brain wiring.
Maret School    $50,000    1:2  To support Maret’s leadership in establishing a unique model for online education, the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON), which will expand the school’s advanced level offerings. Additionally, the grant will help Maret create new programs and enhance partnerships that use the new video conferencing technology to connect in multiple ways with multiple partners.
Millbrook School $50,000 1:4  To expand the existing Green Team and Community Garden on campus, so they can serve as a year-round community service opportunity for 20-25 students each season, ensuring that each plays a meaningful role in the functioning of Millbrook's community.
National Cathedral School $50,000     1:1 To develop The Center for Ethical Leadership, which will link leadership development to the school's Episcopal mission to serve others.
North Shore Country Day School $50,000        1:1 To create a distinctive academic schedule and calendar that is truly built for North Shore’s progressive education spirit and roots through engagement with educational design thinkers and architects.
Ravenscroft School    $50,000    1:2  To support the creation and implementation of the Upper School leadership and citizenship initiative at Ravenscroft during the curriculum design phase.
Sandia Preparatory School  $50,000  1:1 To develop a Native American Studies Center to bring together faculty members and outside experts to develop interdisciplinary lessons , units and courses that incorporate Native American history, literature and science.
 The Shipley School $50,000     1:1 To create an evidenced-based program that develops emotional literacy, critical thinking, effective decision making, and goal setting skills among high school students and to help support assessment, consultancy, professional development, research, and resource material associated with the program via the establishment of The EE Ford Social and Emotional Literacy Fund.
The Urban School    $50,000     1:3 To expand and complete facilities with a North Campus that includes both an Academic and Athletic Center and Performing Arts Center.
Wilmington Friends School $50,000 1:2  To develop the QUEST Term as a two-year program that would develop critical skills for democratic and world citizenship, uniquely preparing students for the 11th & 12th grade IB program, and integrating academics and experience, global engagement and local community involvement.