Hutchison School

Hutchison Leads Summit 2013:
Empowering the Women of Today and Tomorrow

Transforming Communities, Transforming Lives
Hutchison School: Memphis, TN
June 17-20, 2013


Continuing to align ourselves with our mission as a private school with a public purpose, Hutchison’s inaugural leadership summit, Hutchison Leads Summit: Empowering the Women of Today and Tomorrow, will unite diverse participants to address compelling issues of our time: poverty, hunger, education reform, urban development, and the relationships between female empowerment and economic growth. Participants will be coming from a wide range of schools—private, public, and charter—as well as local and national institutions.

Part of the added value embedded in our model is that it offers cross-generational teaching and learning: teams of students and teachers from participating schools will convene in Memphis to collaborate in ways that will have a ripple effect in partner schools and communities.

Summit highlights for June 2013 will include: students designing and implementing innovative solutions to compelling social issues; experiencing enriching partnerships with institutions such as The National Civil Rights Museum, The University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Leadership Academy, BRIDGES, Facing History and Ourselves, and the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, among others; drawing connections from what students learn about the people, culture, and city of Memphis to their own communities; and connecting with a diverse range of young women and educators from across the nation.

Educators who are participating in the summit will experience professional development modules that are centered upon transformative educational themes and questions. Sample module titles include: A Vision for the Future of Education: Schools and Communities in Partnership; A New Paradigm: 21st Century Civic Engagement; Leading the Way: Girls’ Schools and Cutting Edge Leadership Programs; Cities and Classrooms: Creating Sustainable Connections.

All participants will depart from the summit with action plans for transformative change within their own schools and communities. Summit participants each year will form a cohort that stays connected throughout the year. Technological tools such as webinars and blogs will facilitate connections, community building, and collaborations over the course of the ensuing academic years. We envision being able to eventually invite back alumnae from our program, as well as track the effectiveness of the summit over time.

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Through the growth and expansion of our Hutchison Leads program, we look forward to sharing what we have learned about leadership development for young women with a larger community. We are also excited to bring educators together around themes that inspire new ideas and innovative thinking for participants returning to their respective schools.

Our Hutchison Leads Summit: Empowering the Women of Today and Tomorrow is an opportunity for a diverse range of students and educators to unite around compelling initiatives that will potentially transform communities—and transform lives

For more information about the summit please call Caroline Blatti, Hutchison Leads Director, at 901-761-2220 ext 1771 or email her at:


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