iClass by Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy

Creating passion-based classrooms: Student-driven learning using iClass tables


The new iClass, developed by Cushing Academy and generously funded by EE Ford and a Cushing family, creates a learning environment tailored to the cognitive needs of each student through cutting-edge technology.

Cushing Academy’s 21st century interactive classrooms consist of students, teacher(s) and iClass tables. The iClass tables are in effect full desk-surface interactive web-connected bulletin boards, each utilizing a Wii remote, projector, computer, pen-like infrared stylus and glass tabletop.

Cushing Academy believes optimal learning takes place when each student benefits from differentiated instruction. Advances in technology now allow this to happen in the classroom with tremendous results. iClass tables can be operated independently or interactively linked, allowing a variety of learning opportunities and groupings. Teacher and students are able to work collaboratively on a single task or project in limitless ways: in a whole-class demonstration, students can follow along at their iClass table and interact with 3-D models as directed by the teacher; in focused groups, students can work on aspects of particular interest and share work across tables; working individually, each student is able to work at his or her own pace and level, all while being monitored and assisted by the teacher. iClass also has the capability to enormously expand the learning environment - - in real time linking classrooms down the hall or around the world.

Click video below to learn how to construct an iClass table.

The iClass design innovations have multiple important dimensions worth noting: highly adaptive, they can serve the specific needs of a wide range of subject disciplines (e.g. photography, STEM, World History or English iClass) and varied teaching styles; easily replicable, they are designed with an eye toward cost-effective duplication across our campus and at other schools; and they make optimal use of cutting-edge technology in the classroom to passionately engage students while eliminating digital distractions. The iClass approach allows teachers to embrace the benefits of digital tools for classroom use while keeping each student focused and on task.

Cushing's Headmaster discusses iClass. Please click below.

For more information on Cushing's iClass, please visit www.cushing.org or e-mail iclass@cushing.org