EE Ford Project of Interest – St. Mark's School

St. Mark's Institute of Mathematics Online Pre-Algebra Course has been generously funded by the Edward E. Ford Foundation and an anonymous alumnus. The course entitled "How to Think Like a Math Genius" touches on traditional topics in pre-algebra, beginning algebra, and number sense, and is based on the innovative conceptual approach to mathematical thinking created by St. Mark's Institute of Mathematics founder Dr. James Tanton. The course, which is currently in its beta phase, will benefit incoming St. Mark's students desiring summer work to prepare for the St. Mark's math curriculum, current St. Mark's students needing review of select pre-algebra topics, and middle school students across the globe.

"The goal of this course is to foster and promote the habits of mind for good, and joyous, learning in a style that is fun but absolutely true to the mathematics," commented Dr. James Tanton.

St. Mark's Online Pre-Algebra Course will be distinctive in both structure and concept from other online math courses currently available. Structurally, students can "pick and choose" modules and not be committed to a full multi-week course. Conceptually, the course does not present the traditional linear delivery of mathematics, but instead utilizes a unique conceptual approach to mathematical learning.




"I am proud of this online course which represents the intellectual sophistication and innovative spirit that is St. Mark's," noted Head of School John C. Warren '74. "I am extremely grateful for both the Edward E. Ford Foundation grant and the generous alumnus gift that are funding this important project."

The Online Pre-Algebra Course will also serve as a model and base for other future online courses from the St. Mark's curriculum.

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