The mission of The Edward E. Ford Foundation is to strengthen and support independent secondary schools and to challenge and inspire them to leverage their unique talents, expertise and resources to advance teaching and learning throughout this country by supporting and disseminating best practice, by supporting efforts to develop and implement models of sustainability, and by encouraging collaboration with other institutions.

The area in which the Foundation has the legal power to operate is extremely broad. Its charter declares, in the language of the Internal Revenue Code, that it “is established, and shall be operated, exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes." The mission statement, approved by the Board in November 2011 reflects current practice.


- Graduates of independent schools have been, and continue to be, well-trained, highly motivated citizens who contribute in many ways to the betterment of society and the nation.
- The heritage of pluralism in the United States points clearly to the fact that parents want options in education.
- While the target area selected by the Foundation is relatively small in light of our general purpose, the Board feels that, to make a significant and important impact with the funds available, it is best to limit its effort to one particular area of education.
- Support for independent schools, as contrasted to support for private colleges, must come from a narrow base, which includes parents, friends, and graduates rather than corporations, foundations and the government.