Quick Snapshot

Purpose and Activities:

Grants for independent secondary education only. Independent secondary schools must hold membership in the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to be eligible for consideration. 

Financial Data:

Assets (as of September 2018): $71,761,352
From November 2017-June 2018: 34 grants were made totaling $3,551,750. Success rate of 76%. Average grant size $75,000.


Giving limited to the U.S. and its protectorates. No support for public, elementary or college-level schools, independent schools holding membership in NAIS grades K-8 only, schools that have been applicants in the last four years or schools that do not have individual membership in NAIS. No grants to individuals, or for emergency funds or deficit financing.

Donor: Edward E. Ford

Trust: Established in 1957

Foundation Type: Independent

Types of Support: See Past Grant Recipients

Trustee: JP Morgan Chase Bank