Traditional Grant

Application Process 

  1. The first step in the Application Process is for the Head of School to schedule a phone call with the Foundation's Executive Director. No proposal can be considered from schools that have not reserved a place on an upcoming Agenda. You may request placement on an Agenda by calling the office or by filling out an Agenda Placement Request. 

  2. After this phone call, if your school is placed on an Agenda, you will receive an Agenda Placement Confirmation Letter with further instruction.

  3. Set up a 2-3 hour meeting between the Head of School and our Executive Director to be held in our Brooklyn office.* Preliminary application materials are due one week prior to this meeting (see "Preliminary Materials" below).

  4. Our Foundation Office will make arrangements for Executive Director to visit and tour your school.*

  5. Deadline for submission of final materials is April 1.

To read more about the Traditional Grant, visit Grant Types

*Due to COVID-19, the Foundation is not requiring any meeting to take place in-person. Instead, meetings will be conducted via Zoom, unless all parties agree otherwise.