Online Application



Please read the application carefully as you fill it out. Note that by hovering your cursor over many of the fields, further clarification as to the specific information we are requesting will appear in a yellow box. Do not use any punctuation or symbols for any fields requiring numeric values, use numbers ONLY.

To save an incomplete application click the "Save For Later" button located at the bottom of the page. A shareable link to your application will be sent to the email provided so that you can continue your work. Whenever changes are made to the Online Application you must click the "Save For Later" button or your work will be lost.

Do NOT "hit submit" prior to the Head of School meeting (for Traditional Grants) or site visit (for Leadership Grants). You will have to complete the data entry online first. Once you’ve entered all of the data, please print each page and send to us in the mail. Those applying for Traditional Grants will send this draft application along with the Comparative Operating Budget and the 3 year college placement list (due one week prior to the Head of School in-person meeting).

When you are ready to submit your final application please email for your submission code. Deadline for submission of the Online Application is September 1 (for the November Agenda) and April 1 (for the June Agenda).

To upload your Traditional Grant Proposal & Supplementary Materials PDF (Due April 1) CLICK HERE

To upload your Educational Leadership Grant Proposal & Supplementary Materials PDF (Due October 1) CLICK HERE