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Matching Requirements

  • All grants much be matched at least one-to-one (1:1).

  • The Board expects matching funds will be used for the same general purpose as the grant monies.

  • The funds from the Foundation cannot be placed into an endowment but must be spent (unless special permission is given), however matching funds may be directed to endowment to support a program initiated by a grant. The Foundation's grant can be spent down over more than one fiscal year.

  • Successful schools generally have a little more than one year to raise the required matching funds and to provide the required documentation for a Traditional Grant and a little more than two years for a Leadership Grant. The specific date by which the match must be made is always specified in the formal documents awarding the grant and, while cultivation of support for the match can take place before the Board makes a decision to approve a proposal, only gifts booked after that date but before the deadline can be counted. Once the school has submitted the documentation, the EE Ford grant is paid by J.P. Morgan, the Foundation’s trustee.

  • The deadline for making the match is stated in the formal letter announcing the approval of the proposal.

  • The matching funds are usually raised through targeted, individual major gifts sought for this purpose.

  • The matching funds can also be raised through increased annual fund support, through a school's annual fund gala if the support is explicitly requested to satisfy the match or through outside foundations that don't, themselves, require a match. All of this must be made explicit in the supporting documents that are submitted with the proposal. Questions concerning match eligibility are best pursued in conversation with the Foundation Executive Director.

  • Matching gifts must be solicited for the specific purpose of meeting the match challenge.

  • If a distinct, explicit effort is made to secure matching funds, every dollar will count.

  • Money raised as part of regular annual giving will count only if there is an increase in the donor’s gift from the previous year.

  • Only cash gifts may be applied to the match. Pledges do not qualify.

  • Funds given in response to another matching challenge cannot be used, but there is no conflict if a third party matches some or all of the Edward E. Ford funds and the funds are given to meet the matching challenge.

  • Endowments established, at least in part, by past grants from the Foundation, must be able to be tracked for total gift value and current market value. A reasonable yield from such endowments must be used annually for purpose intended.