Once all of the Foundation's funds and the matching funds have been put to work, we require a Final Stewardship Report. There is no hard deadline for submission of these reports, though we prefer to receive them as soon as possible after the funding has been deployed and the project has been completed. Good stewardship includes us not having to remind the school or association to fulfill this obligation!

While the format of the Final Stewardship Report is left to the school, please use the original proposal as a guide for creating the report and incorporate the following components: 

1. In the context of the original proposal, please provide us with a sense of the school's or association's overall experience with the project. The Foundation understands that circumstances often arise that require minor modifications of specific elements of a proposal but the stewardship report should reflect a good faith effort on the part of the school to fulfill the goals of the proposal that was approved by the EE Ford Board.

2. Please include a final, actual budget explaining how all of the funds (our grant and the match) were used noting how and why the final budget differed from what had been initially proposed, if, in fact, it did differ. We understand that there are almost always some small variations from the projected budget and that does not concern us nor does it require explanation. If there are significant variances, we'll need an explanation. (If too significant, we'll wonder why we hadn't been contacted in advance and asked for permission.) The Foundation does want the money to be well-used and we understand that sometimes projects change as a result of early experience or external circumstances.

Interim reports are welcome but not required.