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Campbell Scholars Program

Campbell Scholars is a college access program designed to help high-achieving, low income students who are currently enrolled in Title I schools within a 10-mile radius of Campbell Hall Episcopal in Los Angeles, and who aspire to be the first in their family to graduate from a four-year college. From the first cohort of 21 students established in 2014, the program has continued to enroll students, with a new cohort of twenty sixth graders added each year. With the support of E.E Ford Foundation in 2017, CSP was awarded a grant to establish the position of a College Access Coordinator to support students and families along the college and career pathway.

 The Campbell Scholars Program leverages Campbell Hall’s established mission as “…a community of inquiry, committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving and responsible human beings.” Scholars gain key non-academic skills that are critical to college success: resilience, self-advocacy, cultural fluency, and a growth mindset rather than a focus on improving GPA and standardized test scores.

The journey begins in grades 6 – 8 with three, month-long summer programs in which Scholars receive individualized attention from experienced teachers and mentors who engage students in seminar classes and STEAM- based activities designed to promote collaboration and teamwork, inspiring  confidence and a feeling of belonging that is shown to significantly improve college persistence and graduation rates. Students learn that asking for help  is a sign of engagement and strength, not of failure. Scholars experience every step of the process with their other members, underscoring the importance of strong peer networks. This support remains throughout the academic school year with family visits, tutoring tables, and Saturday reunion sessions. 

In grades 9 – 12 Campbell Scholars receive academic advising from our College Access Coordinator throughout high school to keep them in line with the graduation and admissions requirements of selective colleges and universities. The College Access Coordinator works closely with each family to offer support, streamline college choices, and answer questions at every point along the way. He/ She becomes a consistent point of contact for parents regarding any issue that may impact their child’s academic success or development. The trust and relationship compounds each year, allowing us to engage in mindset work with parents as we move closer to the beginning of college.

After high school, CSP will continue to support Scholars and parents with academic counseling and mentorship. While college persistence is the immediate goal during this phase, the program will also help Scholars prepare to transition into their post-collegiate careers. 

Today, CSP has enrolled 93 students with our first cohort of students graduating high school and  attending college in 2020. CSP is always looking to partner with individuals and organizations who share its values. If you are interested in learning more about CSP or attending a site visit and tour, please contact Daphne Carr to make arrangements. 

More information about the Campbell Scholars Program can also be found online. Please visit us at